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Set 916

These formations have been noted:

55976 55986 Listed at Longsight - Summer 1986 - Parcels

Date: 10th April 1988

Class 127 55986, set number 916, is seen stabled at Tyseley on 10.04.1988. This was converted from 51627, and like all the others had roller doors fitted. Andy Cole.


Date: 11th June 1988

Now in its second role, but originally built as 4 car units, is this 1959 Derby Suburban now a Chester allocated Class 127 DMU, set 916 (55986 + 55976). From new these units were almost exclusively used on the London St Pancras - Bedford services as 4-car units before being displaced in June 1983, in 1985 22 redundant power cars which had been stored at Carlisle were rebuilt to form 11 two car parcels units, car A was for Express Parcels and car B was for Newspapers, they lasted in service until 1989. Taken on the 11th June 1988 at Crewe. Andrew J Crowther.


Date: 11th June 1988

This 1959 Derby Suburban Class 127 DMU vehicle is now in its second role as a parcels unit, Chester allocated set 916 (55976 + 55986). This car 55976 was originally numbered 51625 and was later preserved. Taken at Crewe on the 11th June 1988. Andrew J Crowther.


Date: 19th April 1989

Converted Class 127 M55986 heads south past the site of Burton Latimer & Isham station on the 19th April 1989. Mike Dean.


Date: 28th May 1990

Parcels unit 916 (55986 formerly 51627 and 55976 formerly 51625), converted from the power cars of a former "Bed-Pan" hydraulic class 127 set, sitting sadly withdrawn and awaiting it's fate at Crewe Gresty Lane sidings. Three of these ex-parcels power cars were preserved and currently (2018) all three are at the Midland Railway - Butterley. The other half of this unit, 55976/51625 is one of the three preserved examples and has been rebuilt back to it's original passenger carrying layout. Robert Chilton.

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