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Set 510

These formations have been noted:

53607 59250 52072 Listed at NL - Feb-89

Date: 7th June 1983

This appears to be set 510, with a Class 101 centre car, seen at Peartree, just south of Derby on the Crewe line on 7/6/83. Ian Francis.


Date: 2nd April 1988

Chester allocated Swindon Cross-Country Class 120 DMU set 510 comprising of cars M53713 & M53703 at Crewe on the 2nd April 1988. Now converted to parcels use, the Red Star parcels branding can just be seen down the side. By this time these units were thin on the ground and all had been withdrawn before the year was out. The new generation of DMU in the shape of 150 124 can be seen along side on a Derby service. Andrew J Crowther.


Date: 15th January 1989

M53713 Vic Berrys, Leicester 15-1-89. It carries two set numbers, 510 and 301! Kevin Dowd.

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