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Set 303

These formations have been noted:

50080 59030 50122 Listed at 86A - mid-Nov-68
51786 59679 51791 Listed at IS - mid-May-78 - Refurbished set
50292 59053 50184 Listed at DE - 01/02/81
53292 59553 53192 Listed at Haymarket - August 1986

Date: 1972

This 120 on an Aberdeen to Elgin service is seen just north of Kittybrewster in the autumn of 1972. The destination blind reads "Elgin via Mulben" although by this time that was the only way you could get from Aberdeen to Elgin by rail! Note also the unusual tail lamp, a distinct feature on this line. The set number is carried in the cab window. The DMBF could be 51784, it was listed as being in set 303 in a June 1973 set list. John McIntyre.


Date: 20th May 1978

The 20th May 1978, and a SRPS special to Dufftown headed by 40 173 is looped at Dyce to allow set 303 to pass. Mike Cooper.


Date: 1987

Oval buffered Swindon Cross-Country 51587 leads hybrid set 303 (presumably with 59553 + 53292) through Princes Street Gardens away from the Scottish capital. S Saunders.

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