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Swindon Inter-City 79xxx series 3/6-car DMUs


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'swindon-79xxx' DMU

7th March 1971
A view from a Swindon 79xxx set looking back towards Armadale as it passes through the partly demolished Bathgate Upper Station on 7 March, 1971. The junction for Bathgate Lower can be seen immediately beyond the trailing car. Michael Laing.

'swindon-79xxx' DMU

12th August 1970
Two Swindon Inter-City 79xxx sets in Glasgow Queen Street station on August 12, 1970. David Mant.

'swindon-79xxx' DMU

L.N.E.R. class A1/A3 60048 'Doncaster' and a 'Swindon' Inter-city d.m.u. awaiting departure from Glasgow Queen Street in 1960. Photographer unknown. Gordon Thomson Collection.

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