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Class 112 DMU images

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112 DMU

Unknown Date

The west end of Accrington carriage shed, with 51684 / 51709 nearest the camera, along with 2 113's, and probably 4 other 112's. Believed to be circa 1962, as the stationary steam loco that was used to heat carriages, and was kept in front of the building with the chimney, has gone, and all the vans are believed to be stored. Accrington shed closed to steam on 5th March 1961. It became 10E in 1963, and closed on 2nd October 1972. The depot was used for storage after this date, and was apparently demolished circa 1974-75. Andrew Dyson Collection.

112 DMU


A Rolls Royce Cravens set (Class 112) at Southport in 1966. David Faircloth.

112 DMU

3rd December 1966

A Cravens unit (Class 105 or 112?) at Helsmshore railway station on the day of closure, 03/12/66. The headboard reads "The Last Train, Accrington - Bury - Accrington, Saturday Dec. 3rd 1966". DH Dyson.

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