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Class 128 Gloucester RC&W Parcel DMU Cars


The first vehicle was withdrawn in July '71 (55987), the next in March 1979 (55996), the next in 1980 (55988), and two in 1982 (55989 & 55990).

At the end of '90 Regional Railways Midland sub-sector obtained the five remaining cars along with the Class 114 DPUs. Consideration was given to using them for sandite /route learning vehicles, but their lack of windows prevented this.

All five were withdrawn in November 1990. One of them (55991) was still fitted with a Leyland Albion engine, the other four were intended as a source of spares, with their TL11s destined to be modified and fitted to Class 142s. Component recovery was to take place at Derby Etches Park or Chester wagon shops.

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