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Class 123 Swindon 4-car DMUs


All the class was withdrawn in 1984, except the buffets which had been withdrawn in Sep '70, and a DMBS and DMSK which were withdrawn in 79 and 77 respectively. The engines were recovered and sent to Bletchley for use on the Marylebone Class 115s.

Allistair Taylor was an electrician at Hull BG whilst the Trans-Pennines and the 123s where based there, and recalls: "Upon withdrawal in May '84, nine 2-car sets where made up to cover for the "wonderful" 141s. This comprised the remaining 123 DMBS and a 124 DMC, which if memory serves had been de-classified. The units where kept at BG for a while and some where moved to Hull Dairycoates until around October 84. They where then moved to Darnel to join many other units that were under going component recovery.

When the 123 units came to Hull they quickly became know as Mini-Pennines. An attempt was made to keep them in sets, but due to the high mileage's they began to cover it became nigh impossible to keep them that way, mainly due to engine and gear box troubles. So they soon became a common fleet with some very odd combinations (DMBS, TFK, MBSL, DMBS) and one occasion of no first class. At one period a set of trailer cars was made up with a BG for a brake and used on Hull - Goole services."

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