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Class 112/3 Cravens 2-car DMUs


There were five early withdrawals, a Class 112 set and strangely three Class 113 DMBSs.

The 112 set was 51705/24, withdrawn in 12/67 just after the rest of the Class had moved to Cricklewood. These were cut up at Spring Vale (near Darwen) in April 1968. Andrew Dyson adds "My dad was recently speaking to a former fitter from Accrington DMU depot and the subject of 112/3's arose. The fitter remembered a DMU catching fire inside Sough Tunnel near Darwen. The unit was cut up at Spring Vale by himself and several other staff from Accrington depot. Cutting the unit up was only undertaken on Sundays, as staff had to work Monday to Friday, and management wouldn't free them on these days to cut the unit up! There is a small article on this fire in the book "Railways Around Blackburn", complete with a photo of the burnt out unit in the tunnel. The fire was so intense that the sole bars in the middle on the units melted, causing the unit to sag. The cause given was the carden shaft shearing, flailing about rupturing the fuel tank. According to the fitter my dad talks to, the carden shaft only had 3 bolts, (1 on one side, 2 on the other), as opposed to 4 (2 on either side) normally used on other units. The single bolt sheared under stress, followed by the other 2 bolts. Apparently this was a common problem on 112's."

The three Class 113 DMBSs were
51763 (W 12/66, cut up Carlisle Currock 3/67)
51770 (W 6/64, cut up Etches Park 6/70) after a fire at Shoe Mill
51780 (W 2/62 - just 19 months old, cut up Derby C&W 9/62) after an accident at Singleton Bank.

The remaining hydraulic vehicles (Class 113s) were all withdrawn from Accrington in the first half of 1969, and disposed of via T.W.Ward at Briton Ferry or A.King at Norwich, although a couple of exceptions were 51734 which went to A.King at Wynmondham and 51768 which was cut up at Etches Park.

All the remaining 112s were withdrawn from Cricklewood in November 1968, except the nine sets used on the Kentish Town - Barking services which were withdrawn in November 1969. The class was disposed of through a variety of channels: A.King at Norwich and Wymondham, Bird Group at Long Marston, Steelbreaking at Chesterfield, Derby C&W & Etches Park, and BSC Shotton.

Non-Passenger Use

No vehicles were preserved.

Thanks to Andrew Dyson for additional information.

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