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Class 104 BRC&W 2, 3 & 4-car DMUs


All the ER allocated vehicles were built with a luggage rack area opposite the toilet. One double seat was omitted to accommodate the rack, and the triple seat backing onto the toilet was replaced with a double.

When new the cabs fronts differed only in the marker lights that they carried. DMBSs M50420-3 & 50428-43 and DMCs 50424-7 & 50480-95 were built with one marker light, positioned on the cab roof above the destination indicator. 50529 is also believed to have had the roof marker light from new. The rest were built with two, one above either buffer. In later years the roof lamp vehicles received the lower ones to save the use of oil burning lamps, although the roof ones were often left in place unused. The cab roofs were formed of a separate fibre-glass moulding, which was sometimes swapped between vehicles during overhauls. An example was 53429 which lost its marker light.

Modifications over the years saw the bogies being modified to improve the ride. In December 1971 three sets formed from 50443/52/60/93, 50542/12 and 59149/60/8 had their friction controls springs removed, and they were reserved for Manchester - Blackpool services. Some DMC(L) and TC(L) vehicles being declassified to DMS(L) and TS(L). None of the class were refurbished. During overhaul in the early '80s some vehicles had their blue asbestos removed and fibre glass insulation fitted. The vehicles which had this done were easily identifiable as the roof vents were removed and the holes plated over.

All driving vehicles were built with a two character reporting number headcode box, fitted below the centre windscreen. The letter in the first position indicated the classification of the train, the number in the second position indicated the local route coding. These were taken out of use in the mid-'70s and the characters replaced with a yellow or more commonly a black background with two white dots. Subsequent removal of these headcode boxes followed and the holes were plated over.

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Many thanks to Kevin Dowd for his assistance in the preparation of these pages, and to Eddie Knorn for further data.

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