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Met-Camm 6/8-car Blue Pullman

Interior (contd.)

Blue Pullman First Saloon

The bodyside walls were faced with a plastic hide from floor level up to the continuous hand-luggage racks running along the length of each passenger saloon. Along the racks, walls and ceiling surfaces were lined with plastic in pearl-grey, with a fine black-line pattern superimposed which continued up to the central lighting panel in the ceiling.

The image shows a first class saloon.

The exposed parts of the hand-luggage racks, the table edges, and the window surrounds were all of anodised aluminium, satin finished in aluminium for the first class and in pale gold for the second class. The solid racks had slatted grilles so that any articles placed on the racks may be seen from below. Tiered luggage racks were provided in the end vestibules opposite the toilets and a draught screen of specially toughened glass was fitted adjacent to the vehicle entry door.

The heater grilles, mounted low on the bodyside alongside the seats, were of satin-finished stainless steel.

Floor carpets, in kingfisher blue or cardinal red, were fitted on plastic underlays. The walls of the entrance vestibules at the car ends were faced in pearl-grey plastic, with plastic hide trimming around the inter-car gangway entrances. Coir mat floor covering is used in the vestibules.

In each saloon the main lighting was by twin-white fluorescent tubes in the centre of the ceiling, supplemented by tungsten lamps fitted in the luggage racks above each table. The fluorescent tubes were placed end-to-end and covered by flush-jointed diffusion panels. When illuminated the panels showed as a continuous panel of light running the length of the saloon. Individual table lamps with glass shades were mounted on swan-necked pillars fixed to the bodysides just below window level. Battery operated emergency lighting was also installed.

The equipment of the well-appointed toilets included towel dispensers and hygienic spray washing facilities which gave an automatically timed flow of water, of which the temperature could be regulated as required. The walls were plastic faced in flame, clover-pink, and grey, and the ceilings painted matt-white. Coloured mosaic paving was used for the flooring. Metal fittings were finished in satin chromium plate, with the exception of the skirting beadings of satin-finished anodised aluminium and the satin-finished stainless-steel heater ventilation grills. Separate toilets were provided for the ladies.

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