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DMU Accident

Near York, NER - 15/06/65

On a dry and sunny afternoon, an empty stock train of five coaches was being propelled by a diesel locomotive (D5149) from No. 8 South Platform in the Down direction along the Up Main line to Clifton Carriage sidings when it passed a colour light signal and two ground subsdiary signals at danger before colliding at slow speed with the leading coach of the approaching 15.57 Scarborough - Leeds DMU. The DMU comprised of two 4-car sets, one built by BRC&W and the other by Metro-Cammell. Serious damage was restricted to the leading coach of each train. Twelve passengers in the DMU along with two drivers (both travelling in the stock train) and the guard of the stock train were injured although only one was detained in hospital. Although the accident was clearly the result of the empty stock train passing signals at Danger, it was however normal practice that, once started, the movement of propelling coaches through into Clifton Carriage Sidings be carried out under clear signals - indeed the instructions to signalmen stated that such propelling movements should not commence until a clear road is available for the entire movement in the direction intended.

Report cover

MOT; 6pp; f/o location diagram, track and signalling diagram (P.M. Oliver)

Near York, NER

Involving Class 101 / Class 104 / Coaches

Information from Peter Mullen

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