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DMU Accident

Slade Lane Junction, Levenshume LMR - 23/11/59

The 9.45am ‘Pines Express’ (hauled by a 6P, 4-6-0) from Bournmouth to Manchester and a local DMU passenger train (two 3-car sets) were simultaneously approaching Slade Lane Junction on the Down Fast and Down Slow lines respectively when the driver of the DMU misread the signals and failed to stop at the Down Slow home signal protecting the converging junction.

The two trains then ran in contact with each other for about 100 yards before coming into sidelong collision about 280 yards beyond the signal. The engine, tender and three coaches of the express passenger train were derailed, along with the three leading and the rearmost coach of the DMU. Three passengers and one member of staff were injured. Whilst the accident was entirely due to human error on the part of the DMU driver, the guard of the DMU was also criticised for not keeping a look-out – had he done so, he would have seen the signal at danger and been able to stop the train.

Report cover

MOT; b/c; 4pp; f/o location diagram, enlarged general plan, sketch of overhead signal gantry (D. McMullen).

Slade Lane Junction, Levenshume LMR

Involving DMU / Steam

Information from Peter Mullen

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