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DMU Accident

Shoe Mill, Baxenden, LMR - 12/03/1964

Andrew Dyson: "The unit's were 51770 and 51745, in which 51770 was completely burnt out. My dad remarked the coincidence of the unit numbers, which is how he remembers them. I have taken the following details from The Accrington Observer & Times of 14/03/64 under the headline "Driver Saves The Mail As Train Blazes" and is not the actual article. Unfortunately I can't get a good print, which is a shame as there is a picture of 51770 well and truly ablaze. The picture has appeared in a local book about Accrington, and one of Baxenden, but they are not good reproductions.

On Thursday 12/03/64, the 7.58am Skipton to Manchester train, due out of Accrington at 8.42, had come to a halt at Shoe Mill Baxenden, after an engine failure (51770). One of the two passengers on the train noticed that the coach was on fire underneath the train, and alerted the driver. Both passengers were told to leave the train, while the driver tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. The guard went down to Accrington South Signal Box to alert the Fire Brigade, while the driver uncoupled the units, allowing the second coach (51745) to roll down the incline for a few yards when the driver applied the handbrake.

The driver stopped a train a train heading to Accrington, and used the fire extinguisher on this the fight the fire until the Fire Brigade arrived, who received the call at 9.35pm. Due to the location and lack of water, which had to be pumped from a brook some distance away, there was difficulty in putting out the fire. As a result, 51770 was completely burnt out.

My dad told me that the class 113's were prone to catching fire, and most suffered minor fires, which was originally blamed on the heating system. He stated that that there always seemed to be a 113 on shed with had suffered fire damage."

Shoe Mill, Baxenden, LMR

Involving Class 113
Vehicles included: 51745 / 51770

Information from Andrew Dyson

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