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DMU Accident

Pontypool Rd, WR - 23/1/74

The 05.32 Cardiff to Crewe 4-car DMU (W55024/W50693/W59299/W50738) was brought to a stand at Pontypool Road Station South Signal Box Home signal where the driver was advised of single line working which was in force on the Down Line between Pontypool Road and Abergavenny following the failure of a goods train. After leaving Pontypool Station on the Down Line in the Up direction the train became derailed after 1 mile as it passed over a facing single bladed catch point which was standing in the open position for normal running on the Down line. All four coaches were derailed but none of the six passengers on the train were injured.

The derailment was the direct result of the failure to lock the padlock and thus secure the point clip, allowing the point clip wheel to steadily unscrew as trains passed over the sprung switch blade. Blame for the accident rested primarily with the Assistant Area Manger who initiated single line working over the switch point but failed to secure the point clip with the aid of a padlock. The driver was also found to have ignored the 10mph restriction imposed over the catch point.

accident report

DOE; b/c; 11pp; f/o location diagram, site plan, gradient diagram (P.M. Oliver)

Pontypool Rd, WR

Involving Class 120 / Class 121
Vehicles included: 50693 / 50738 / 55024 / 59299

Information from Peter Mullen

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