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DMU Accident

Near Glasgow Central, ScR - 19/10/70

After an initial delay due to engine trouble, a Glasgow Central - Ayr 3-car Swindon Class 126 DMU (1959 batch) comprising of Sc51009, Sc59403 and Sc51050 left platform 11 and was running under clear signals about 900yds outside the station when it was struck side-on by a Glasgow Central - Gourock 3-car EMU which had passed two signals at danger.

The impact of the collision derailed the second and third cars of the Ayr train and the first two cars of the Gourock train. Two passengers were injured and taken to hospital but not detained.

After exhaustive tests, it was concluded that the accident was solely attributable to the EMU passenger train being driven past two signals at danger and the that driver was solely responsible for the accident. Despite allegations that there were intrinsic problems with the signalling at Glasgow Central Station following commissioning in January 1961, the signalling irregularities were not found to be significantly higher than that at other comparable installations and nothing that came to light in the course of the inquiry cast any doubt on the integrity of the signalling throughout the station complex.

accident report

DOE; b/c; 15pp; f/o general layout diagram (C.F. Rose).

Near Glasgow Central, ScR

Involving Class 126 / EMU
Vehicles included: 51009 / 51050 / 59403

Information from Peter Mullen

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