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DMU Accidents

DMUs have had their fair share of mishaps through the years and this section is an attempt to document them.

If you have any notes or photographs please submit them to be added here. I would also welcome further information on any of the accidents featured here.

Many of the accident reports are available on-line at


1/8/90 - Reading, WR

Collision involving Class 119 / EMU

Info from Peter Mullen

A 3-car Class 119 was approaching Reading Station when it ran into two 4-car EMU’s standing at platform 4A. More Details.

22/8/90 - Hyde North Junction, LMR

Collision involving Class 108 / Class 108

Info from Bill Read

Low speed collision of two Class 108 units. M51913-M54497 and M51418-M59668 (Met Cam 101 centre car)-M53977. 28 passengers required hospital treatment. The driver of the twin unit had passed a red signal. M51418 collapsed upon contact with M51913 and suffered extensive cab, underfloor and bogie damage. All the 108 cars suffered some damage and were criticized as being in poor structural condition. The 101 was undamaged.
Note: 59668 is not a 101, maybe this was 59688?

NOrwich after Fire

1991 - Norwich, ER

Fire involving Class 101

Info from Mark Rowe

While travelling empty stock from Ipswich to Crown Point a fire broke out, and driver Mick Kassa brought the train to a stand at Trowse Upper Junction in the Lakenham area of Norwich. It was around midnight & damage was also done to the relatively new OHL which had been installed for the 1987 inaugaration of electric services to London Liverpool Street. They are seen in Wensum Sidings, Norwich on 6/7/91. Picture by Jerry Glover.

977747 on side

26/10/91 - Standedge, LMR

Fire involving Class 108

Info from Paul Moxon

977747 (ex-50924) caught fire in Standedge tunnel, while part of a Holbeck to Newton Heath consist. Picture taken at Diggle 26/1/92 Paul Moxon.

Mossend Fire

17/11/1999 - Mossend Yard, ScR

Fire involving Class 101

Class 101 caught fire in-between duties. More Details.

DMU Accidents


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