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DMU Accidents

DMUs have had their fair share of mishaps through the years and this section is an attempt to document them.

If you have any notes or photographs please submit them to be added here. I would also welcome further information on any of the accidents featured here.

Many of the accident reports are available on-line at


3/12/84 - Longsight, LMR

Collision involving Class 104 / Vans

Info from Peter Mullen

An empty 3-car class 104 DMU was wrongly routed and came into collision with a train of vans which had been left without a tail lamp. More Details.

Hull Collision

February 1985 - Approach to Hull Paragon

Collision involving Class 108 / Met-Camm

Info from Ian Fleming and Neil Mackay

An incident on the approach to Hull Paragon in February 1985. More Details.

11/2/85 - Severn Tunnel Junction, WR

Accident involving DMU

Info from Peter Mullen

A DMU struck and instantly killed four men who were part of a permanent way gang engaged on keeping points clear of snow during the night. More Details.

Iron ore collision

26/9/85 - Near Paisley

Collision involving Class 107 / Freight

Info from Mad Mac and John Reddyhoff

A DMU ran a red light and collided into the rear of an iron ore train. More Details.

Burnt Out 59100

Possibly 1986 - Unknown location

Fire involving Class 120 / Class 101

Info from Paul Moxon

Two burnt out vehicles (including 59100) are seen awaiting disposal at Cheetham Hill, Manchester on 22/3/86. No details of the fire are known. Paul Moxon.

18/1/86 - Preston, LMR

Collision involving Class 104 / Class 86

Info from Bill Read

Collision of Class 104 power-twin and stationary Loco 47 111. M53482-M53433. 44 passengers required hospital treatment (the driver and many passengers had retired to the rear car). The conclusion was that the driver’s brake valve had been inadvertently placed in the “lap” position resulting in the train brake pipe and “topside” vacuum being gradually destroyed during the journey from Carlisle. The driver may have been distracted by the presence of passengers of the football-supporters charter being in the cab. M53482 was severely damaged.

Images on page 117 of 'Railway Disasters' by Stanley Hall

26/7/86 - Lockington Level Crossing, ER

Collision involving Class 105 / Class 114

Info from Bill Read

Collision of Class 105 + Class 114 with a Van on crossing. E54434-E51278 + E53016-E54034. 9 people killed and 59 people required hospital treatment. The van drove onto the crossing against flashing lights and was struck by the DMU. E54434 derailed and ran down the embankment, turning through 180 degrees before coming to rest on its side. All vehicles were badly damaged due to destruction of the track.

Shields Jct Accident

March or April 1987 - Shields Junction, ScR

Collision involving Class 107 / Class 86

Info from John Reddyhoff and Eddie Knorn

A side-swipe incident. More Details.

Uplawmoor derailment

Date unknown - Uplawmoor, ScR

Derailment involving Class 101

Info from John Reddyhoff and Fraser Cochrane

The leading bogie of a 101 DMBS derailed after hitting debris from a lorry that shed it's load. More Details.

101 DMU collision

08/08/87 - One mile north of Llandrindod Wells.

Collision involving Class 101 / Tractor

Info from David Rowe

A 4-car formation of 2x101 power twins which hit a farm tractor at speed on a crossing about one mile north of Llandrindod Wells while travelling south on the afternoon of Saturday August 8th, 1987. Fortunately there were no injuries.

19/10/87 - Glanrhyd Bridge, WR

Collision involving Class 108 / Bridge

Info from Bill Read

Class 108 ran onto a bridge which had previously collapsed. M52037 (rear car not identified). 4 persons drowned. Severe flooding had caused an already-weakened support pier to collapse.

8/12/87 - Near Methley Junction, ER

Accident involving Class 110

Info from Bill Read

Collision of Class 110 twin-unit with Permanent Way Gang. E52072 (trailing car not identified). 4 persons killed. Incident blamed on an irregular system of working by PW Gang.

Damaged DMU Carnforth

05/02/88 - Carnforth Up Furness line at Bottom End Yard

Collision involving Class 108 / Wagon

Info from Andrew Pilkington

The Class 108 DMU hit an engineers wagon. More Details.

Haymarket Derailment

Date unknown - Haymarket Depot, ScR

Derailment involving Class 108

Info from John Reddyhoff

Class 108 set 380 apparently hit the buffers at the south end of the depot and continued for another 60ft. Image John Reddyhoff. More Details.

26/10/89 - Taplow (near Maidenhead), WR

Derailment involving Class 121

Info from Peter Mullen and Martin Callaghan

A stone train became derailed and a staff passenger DMU struck one of the bogies which had become detached from a derailed wagon and was itself derailed. More Details.

DMU Accidents


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