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Class 128 Gloucester RC&W Parcel DMU Cars


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128 DMU

circa March 1974
A GRC&W parcels car in Rail Blue livery and with "Parcels Service" on the side stands in the Up siding at the south end of Shrewsbury station in Spring 1974 alongside the Western lower quadrant junction signal. The right hand post is marginally higher suggesting that the joint GWR & LNWR line to Hereford is marginally more important than the GWR line to Wolverhampton. Pete LG99.

128 DMU

April 1987
A freshly painted Class 128 in April 1987 in platform 11 of London Paddington. Stuart Mackay Collection.

128 DMU


1st August 1980
M55990 at Buxton on 01/08/80. John Carter.

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