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Class 124 Swindon Trans-Pennine 6-car DMUs


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124 DMU

A Swindon Trans-Pennine Class 124 sits in Doncaster station in 1980. Andrew Pilkington.

124 DMU

14th May 1981
At one time Barnetby station in North Lincs sported a full array of Great Central Railway buildings, this image hints at those, and some other changes which have taken place in the relatively recent past. It features a Class 124 "Trans-Pennine" (or possibly a class 124/123 hybrid unit) DMU departing Barnetby with a semi-fast service to Cleethorpes - 14/05/1981. To the extreme left is of one the GCR stores buildings, whilst mostly hidden behind the trees to the left is the old maltings building, now the site of a modern housing development. Immediately to the left of the DMU is the remains of the old gallows-style starter signal, only then recently replaced by the standard signal to its left. The bracket signal is for the up slow and the cross-over to the up fast. The up slow closed in June 1987, and the bracket signal is now long gone. © 2013 - 53A Models of Hull Collection. Scanned from the original 35mm colour transparency; photographed by the late David R Vickers. 53A Models of Hull Collection.

124 DMU

Date unknown
From a fading low-quality 126 film print, but used as images of Trans-Pennine units with tail loads are pretty unusual. Departing from York, date unknown. Tony Wilkins.


No Class 124s were preserved.

Thanks to Ian Fleming for additional information.

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