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Class 123 Swindon 4-car DMUs


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123 DMU


Set Number: L711

12th March 1976
1976 was famous for the amazing Summer but March was a bit grim as seen on the 12th at Cardiff. L711 is arriving (presumably 52091 at the front), in the set was 59823 and completed the set for me! Remember when they kept dmu's together? The loco, by deduction, is probably 47504. It doesn't really matter at this distance in time. It's Cardiff and it's 42 years ago! Arnie Furniss.

123 DMU

A Swindon Inter-City Class 123 set in Doncaster station in 1980, with a refurbished Class 114 sits outside the works. Andrew Pilkington.

123 DMU


Set Number: 710

22nd December 1979
on December 22, 1979 E52100 + E59827 + E51974 + E51952 are seen at Mexborough with the 12:35 Doncaster - Manchester Piccadilly. John Carter.

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