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Class 122 Gloucester RC&W Single / 2-car DMUs


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122 DMU


12th December 1981
Class 122 single car unit Sc55000 rasps away from the Balmossie Halt stop on the outskirts of Dundee with a Dundee to Arbroath service, 12th December 1981. Bruce Galloway.

122 DMU


26th May 1980
Class 122 railcar Sc55005 waits at platform 16 at Edinburgh Waverley with a local service on 26th May 1980. Bruce Galloway.

122 DMU


16th April 1987
Class 122 single unit M55004 (built by the Gloucester RC & W Co in 1958) at Kettering with the 09.13 service to Corby on 16 April 1987. This was the day that services were restored to Corby after a gap of 21 years, the station having been closed in April 1966 when regular passenger trains over the Oakham-Kettering line were withdrawn. The 1987 re-opening was on an "experimental" basis, and services were withdrawn again as from 2 June 1990. This closure left Corby as, allegedly, the largest town in Europe without a rail service, and, in the ensuing years, there were various proposals for trains to serve Corby once again. But it would be nearly 19 years until East Midlands Trains re-introduced a regular service, including through trains to London, to the town. Lewis Bevan.

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Details about preserved Class 122s can be found here.

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