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Class 108 DMU images identified by Set No.

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108 DMU

Unknown Date

T072 proudly displaying it's Welsh Dragon while at Matlock in the heart of Derbyshire circa 1989. Roy Lambeth.

108 DMU

17th July 1992


51566 with 53933 as Tyseley's set T072 stands at a busy Derby station on 17/Jul/1992. The set number is somewhat cobbled together with numerals of differing colours and 51566 still retains it's Welsh Dragon and headlight from it's time on the Central Wales Line. This set is one of several class 108s which entered preservation as a complete set, initially in this case at Peak Rail. Robert Chilton.


108 DMU

October 1991


Class 108 DMBS 53934 in the yard at Snailwell in October 1991. Surface Stock.


108 DMU

1st August 1987


Class 108 DMBS 51932 is seen stabled outside the factory at Tyseley, carrying set number T201. Note the Midline branding on the side. Andy Cole.

108 DMU

3rd October 1987


T201 M51932 + M52057 is at the front of the 14.52 Norwich to Birmingham seen on Ely west curve, October 3, 1987. Surface Stock.


108 DMU

28th November 1987


Class 108 - 51934 - set number T202, is seen at Tyseley on 28/11/87 with signs of severe fire damage. Andy Cole.


108 DMU

5th July 1987


Class 108 DMS 52063, set number T203, is seen inside the factory at Tyseley on 05.07.1987. Andy Cole.

108 DMU

20th May 1989


Class 108 53974, set number T204, is seen outside the wheel lathe at Tyseley on 20.05.1989. Andy Cole.


108 DMU

21st June 1986


Class 108 53941, set number T205, is seen stabled in the sun at Tyseley Carriage sidings on 21.06.1986. Andy Cole.

108 DMU

20th September 1986


Class 108 53941, set number T205, is seen at Tyseley on 20.09.1986. Note the Manchester and WM symbols side by side. Andy Cole.


108 DMU

Unknown Date

Class 108 set T210 in Derby station, date unknown. Malcolm Clements.


108 DMU

16th May 1987


Class 108 DTS 54277, set number T211 (and TS211 in the window), is seen inside the factory at Tyseley on 16.05.1987. Note it still retains a working set of blinds despite being 1987. Andy Cole.


108 DMU

4th October 1987


Derby built 1960 Class 108 DMBS M51927, is high on the jacks inside its home depot on the occasion of the Tyseley open day on 4th October 1987. Once a Buxton allocated unit with its trade mark white roof and on the 108's black window surround, now Tyseley's unit T212 with its West Midlands logo but interesting the Buxton BX490 set plate is still displayed in the window. Andrew J Crowther.

108 DMU

31st January 1988


Class 108 M54231+M51901 T212 at Greenbank on the 31st January 1988 with a Chester - Manchester Piccadilly service. Kevin Law.


108 DMU

5th January 1992


54252 C.F.Booths, Rotherham 5-1-92. Kevin Dowd.


108 DMU

29th March 1987


Class 108 DMS 51566, set number T902, is seen at Tyseley on 29.03.1987. This had recently been transferred in from Buxton, and was later preserved at the Dean Forest Railway. Andy Cole.

108 DMU

13th June 1987


Class 108 53933, set number T902, is seen at Tyseley on 13.06.1987. Note the early style headlight. It was later preserved. Andy Cole.


108 DMU

3rd May 1986


Class 108 DMBS 51910, set number TS201, is seen stabled at Tyseley on 03.05.1986 with Class 101 DTS 54361. Note the Greater Manchester symbol on the side. Andy Cole.


108 DMU

14th June 1986


Class 108 DMBS 51942, set TS204, is seen stabled at Tyseley carriage sidings on June 14th, 1986. Andy Cole.


108 DMU

28th June 1987


Class 108 DMBS M51936 at Tyseley on June 28th, 1987. It still displays it's former set number BX493, it had moved from Buxton that March. Its stay at Tyseley was brief, it would move on to Eastfield that October. Andy Cole.

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