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Vehicle 59437

Class 119

BR Diagram 542

Builder: GRC&W
Type: Cross Country
Length: 64ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: BR Standard
Lot Number: 30423
Diagram: 542

No images of the vehicle available.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 5th October 1974

The department in Rail House at Manchester that used to be responsible for day excursions came up with the brilliant idea of an overnight trip to Penzance and an overnight trip home! Corridor stock and enough room to get some kip! Mr Heyl and myself got a day return to Plymouth and stopped off at Truro to do the Falmouth branch. This is how it was in 1974. A man with a bag on wheels, years ahead of his time! Grumpy guard next to the unit (51079, 51107, 59437) waiting for the passengers, man checking tickets at the bottom of the ramp - a true 'moment in time'. 5th October 1974. Arnie Furniss.


Date: 21st February 1980

55993 sits in the company of 59437 (left) and 56283 (right) at Stratford on the 21st February 1980. Ed Kibey.


Date: 2nd August 1981

Set number: 588

Class 119 set 588 (51107 59437 51079) leaves Guildford on 2/8/81. Jerry Glover.


Date: 29th June 1993

Set number: L588

Class 119 set L588 51079 + 59437 + 51107 on the 15:10 Reading to Redhill at Wokingham, 29-6-93. Kevin Dowd.


Date: 16th October 1995

Set number: L720

53539, 59437, 59435, + 23 other vehicles! With ADB968021 at Gwent Demolition, Margam 16-10-95. Kevin Dowd.


Date: 3rd December 1995

Set number: L720

53539, 59437, 53540 (540 being scrapped during the following week) at Gwent Demolition, Margam, 3-12-95. Kevin Dowd.


Date: 10th December 1995

Set number: L720

53539, 59437, 53477 (477 scrapped 12-12-95) at Gwent Demolition, Margam, 10-12-95. Kevin Dowd.



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