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Vehicle 59148

Class 104

BR Diagram 582

Builder: BRC&W
Type: Low Density
Length: 57ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: LMS
Lot Number: 30295
Diagram: 582



Date: 3rd September 1986

Class 104 centre car M59148 at Buxton on the 3rd September 1986. Surface Stock.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 26th January 1985

On the approach to Manchester Piccadilly is Buxton based BRC&W class 104 dmu M53421, M59148, M53487 arriving with a service from Buxton, 26th January 1985. Andrew J Crowther.


Date: 17th August 1985

Set number: BX481

A six-car set, headed by set BX481 and M53421 (presumably with M59148 + M53487), enters Manchester Piccadilly on 17/8/85. Malcolm Clements.


Date: 22nd December 1985

Set number: BX481

A White roofed Buxton based BRC&W class 104 3 car dmu BX481 (M53421 + M59148 + M53487), climbs the 1-60 bank up towards Norbury Hollow level crossing whilst working a Manchester Piccadilly - Buxton service, 22nd December 1985. These units truly worked nationwide, but it was the Buxton route which they became synonymous with. Andrew J Crowther.


Date: 15th September 1988

Set number: BX372

Class 108/104 hybrid set BX372 (presumably M53930 + M59148 + M52056) departs from Manchester Piccadilly on September 15, 1988. Rex Holt.


Date: 13th May 1989

Set number: CH372

CH372 (M53930 + M59148 + M52056) arrives at New Mills Newtown on the 07:45 Manchester Piccadilly to Buxton on 13-5-89. Kevin Dowd.


Date: 14th May 1989

Set number: CH376

CH376 (M52064 + M59183 + M51941) with CH372 (M52056 + M59148 + M53930) at Buxton on 14-5-89, the day before Sprinterisation of The Spa Line. 37 411 is on the TMD. Kevin Dowd.


Date: 9th December 1989

Set number: CH609

M53520, M53468, M53306, 53472, E53195, M59207, M53466, E53263, M53425, M59155, M59183, M59148, 53541 withdrawn at Chester station sidings, 9/12/89. Kevin Dowd.



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