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Vehicle 51271

Class 105

BR Diagram 532

Builder: Cravens
Type: Low Density
Length: 57ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: LMS
Engines: AEC 150hp / Leyland 150hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30469
Diagram: 532


08/08/58 New to 31A (Cambridge)
3w/e 04/07/59 Transferred to 34B (Hornsey)
Apr-60 Transferred to 34G (Finsbury Park)
May-73Depot code changeFP (Finsbury Park)
w/e 16/10/77 Transferred to NR (Norwich)
Dec-83Depot changeNC (Norwich Crown Point)
01/06/86 Transferred to LN (Lincoln)
28/09/86 Withdrawn from LN (Lincoln)

Some sample formations the vehicle has been noted in:

51271 56429 As delivered to 31A - 8th August 1958
49 51271 56185 Noted 15/07/79
49 51271 56125 Noted 09/09/81
46 51271 54133 Listed at Norwich - December 1985
51271 54133 Noted 28/06/86



Date: 23rd July 1981

Norwich Thorpe before the wires and an impressive array of motive power and rolling stock in the scene including 47584, 03397, a BTH type 1 train heating unit and Cravens DMUs (including E51271). 23rd July 1981. Gordon Edgar.


Date: 9th September 1981

Set number: 49

Ipswich and Cravens Class 105 E51271 + E56125 forming Norwich set no. 49. The train is the 06.58 Leicester to Harwich Parkeston Quay which I'd travelled on from March on 9/9/81. Later in the day this unit was seen forming the 14.50 Ipswich to Stamford service. Some late 70s fashion still in evidence here, even if it is 1981. Gerard Fletcher.


Date: 28th July 1984

51271, a Class 105 DMBS, is seen at Doncaster works open day on July 28th, 1984 in all over blue livery. Andy Cole.


Date: 28th July 1984

E51271 at the Doncaster Works open day, 28th July 1984. PJ Evans.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 15th December 1979

E51271 leaves a trail of smoke behind it as it leads it's trailer out of Sudbury on the 15th December 1979. David Underwood.


Date: 15th March 1986

Set number: 49

Even in 1986 some of the cross country services from Cambridge to Birmingham were still formed of classic dmus. On March 15 1M66, the 08.52 ex Cambridge, is seen here arriving at Whittlesea with a four car formation of Cravens set 49 (E54463 + E51271) leading a 2 car Metro-Cammell Class 101. Naturally we chose to sit in the leading set for maximum good vibrations! Photo by Philip Mott. Gerard Fletcher.


Date: 28th June 1986

A Cravens set at Southport on the 28th June 1986 formed of 54133 and 51271. Jerry Glover.



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