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Vehicle 51016

Class 126

BR Diagram 551

Builder: BR Swindon Works
Type: Inter City
Length: 64ft
Coupling Code: White Circle
Coupling Type: Buckeye
Gangway Type: Pullman
Engines: AEC 150hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30413
Diagram: 551


08/08/59 New to 67C (Ayr)
May-73Depot code changeAY (Ayr)
17/05/82 Stored S. AY (Ayr)
11/08/82 Withdrawn from AY (Ayr)


5th February 1980 - Seen with cab end gangway plated over.

30th April 1983 - Seen in Falkland Yard

Some sample formations the vehicle has been noted in:

153 51032 59400 51016 Listed at 67C - Aug-70
404 51034 59411 51016 Listed at AY - 01/02/81



Date: 26th March 1974

'Intermediate' DMS SC51016 leads a 6-car Class 126 Swindon Inter-City set into Glasgow Central from the Ayrshire Coast, 26/3/74. John McIntyre.


Date: August 1982

The surviving Class 126 sets (126 406 and 413) together with loose power car Sc51016 sit in Ayr (Kyle St) carriage sidings in August 1982. The sets had been both withdrawn and reinstated in this month, eventually surviving in traffic until January '83. Andrew McConnell.


Date: August 1982

Sc51016 waits a turn of service that would never come Ayr (Kyle St) August 1982. The vehicle is the last one shown in service apart from the final two Sets (126 413 and 406) which would soldier on until January of the following year. Andrew McConnell.



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