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Vehicle 50349

Class 100

BR Diagram 536

Builder: GRC&W
Type: Low-Density
Length: 57ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: LMS
Engines: AEC 150hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30278
Diagram: 536


Sep-57 New to 5D (Stoke)
Jan-58 On loan to 8E (Brunswick)
Jun-58 Transferred to 3C (Ryecroft)
Jun-60Depot code change21F (Ryecroft)
Sep-63Depot code change2G (Ryecroft)
3w/e 31/01/65 Transferred to 2H (Monument Lane)
3w/e 30/04/66 Transferred to 2G (Ryecroft)
3w/e 30/06/66 Transferred to 6A (Chester)
3w/e 30/03/69 Transferred to 9A (Longsight)
May-73Depot code changeLO (Longsight)
03/07/83 Withdrawn from LO (Longsight)

Some sample formations the vehicle has been noted in:

50349 56104 As delivered to 5D - September 1957
50349 56104 Noted 16th September 1957


circa Jul-72 - AWS fitted



Date: 1965

M50349 heads a train at Nuneaton (TV - Abley St. spur) in 1965. Michael Mensing.



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